New magnets and magnet systems designed, built and installed for Solines buizen & staal (pipes & steel)

Solines buizen & staal is a company with branches in the Netherlands and Germany and is a big player in the pipe trade.

At their branch in Moerdijk, in addition to offices, workshop and machining hall, this company has a large yard for the storage of enormous batches of new pipes of all grades.

Solines buizen & staal wants the moving of these pipes during loading and unloading and during storage to be carried out more quickly, safely and efficiently. KW Supply Magneetsystemen has designed, built and installed a magnet and magnet system for this on a new Sennebogen 840 handling machine.

The magnets are mounted in a rotator and can move apart depending on the pipe diameter, so that as well as one, two 12 metre pipes can be loaded. In addition, on request of the customer, the whole magnet system can be designed with an emergency power source so that the pipes cannot fall in case of a power cut or machine failure.

Designing and building the magnets and magnet system in this way ensures a very safe and efficient work situation, in which the crane operator himself can safely and quickly move pipes of all types and sizes. In addition to a very safe and efficient work situation this also provides an enormous saving.

The customer and crane operator are extremely satisfied with the magnets and magnet system supplied.


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