Diesel-powered Magnet


KW Supply Magneetsystemen has taken a diesel engine powered scrap handling magnet into production.

The big advantage of this diesel powered magnet is that it can be suspended from any handling machine using a chain or quick-change system. Another big advantage is that no hydraulic hoses have to be connected, so the magnet can be quickly and easily used on another machine.

The diesel powered magnet is controlled wirelessly from the cab, so it can be used immediately without any adjustments on all types of machines, cranes, shovels etc.

KW Supply Magneetsystemen also builds a hydraulically powered version of this magnet with wireless control.

Design, production, supply and service in our own factory in Rotterdam.


K.W. Supply Magneetsystemen B.V. Ophemertstraat 11
3089JD Rotterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0)10 - 429 13 80 info@kwsupply.com

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