Eco Magnets

Environmentally responsible demolition is a clean business.

Creative contractors are always looking for solutions to a number of problems regarding the separation of scrap at the source and how to properly process it.

KW Supply Magneetsystemen has joined forces with Verachtert B.V. in developing the Eco magnet, to be able to meet the demands of ever increasingenvironmental regulation.

This powerful magnet enables you to complete your demolition work free of metal. This reduces your scrap processing costs and in turn, will increase your profit margin on projects.

Furthermore, the magnet saves you operating costs by not having to unnecessarily move, “hold” or maneuver steel construction parts.


The Eco magnet distinguishes itself through its excellent and dependable design.

The robust construction can handle intensive use easily and still guarantee a long life span.

The Eco magnet is a profitable investment thanks to low maintenance costs and a quick return on investment.

The eco magnet is available in a setup that is designed so it can be coupled to Verachtert VRG-25/30/40 demolition grabbers and the Verachtert CW-20/30/40 Connecto-o-mates without having to make any modifications whatsoever. It can be lifted with straps and 4 prongs.

The proper safety precautions and its computerized design guarantee the safe operation of the magnet that complies fully with CE standards.

An efficient but yet powerful magnet

The Eco magnet is dependable and delivers high performance results:

  • simple installation and removal of the grabbers and quick connect system
  • sturdy construction, able to withstand the pushing away of dirt and scrap
  • low construction, easy access inside buildings
  • low maintenance and operating costs
  • high performance silicone injected coil to prevent penetration of moisture
  • aluminum strip for more lifting power and better heat dissipation
  • a completely anodized coil for optimal isolation
  • installation, service and maintenance performed by qualified personnel

Technical and performance data:

Dimensions :1000 x 1400 x 570 (incl. attachment)
1000 x 880 x 210 (excl. attachment)
Weight :1175 kg. (incl attachment)
Current :220 Volt DC
Capacity:7,5 Kw
Frame :Verachtert Connect-o-mate CW 20/30/40
Verachtert demolition separator/grabber VRG 25/30/40
Excavator :7-32 Ton

Horizontal lifting capacity ( x factor 0,2 for vertical):

Separating power :282 kN
Blocks :14.800 kg
Ingots, molds & drop balls :850 kg
Crop end :650 kg
Heavy scrap :580 kg
Turnings :340 kg

KW Supply Magneetsystemen and Verachtert are at your disposal for the manufacturing and installation of high performance magnet systems for every type of crane or excavator.


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3089JD Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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