High Intensity ECS Units

The High Intensity ECS units are specifically designed for the separation of small and difficult particles, which require high repulsive forces.

High Intensity Units can be manufactured to operate on belt widths up to 1500mm enabling them to handle very large throughputs.

The technical features that are specific to the High Intensity ECS design are as follows:

300mm diameter rotor The KW Supply standard ECS units are manufactured with a 300mm diameter rotor with 24 poles of the highest grade neodymium iron-boron magnets. This provides a very high strength magnetic field for optimum repulsion.
24 pole rotor To allow for the separation of fine non-ferrous particles, The High Intensity Eddy Current Separators are fitted with 24 pole rotors.
Variable rotor and belt speeds The High Intensity ECS has variable rotor and belt speed features to allow customers to tailor their units in order to achieve specific separation requirements.
Belt change jacks Belt changes can be a time consuming and physically difficult task to carry out. In order to make belt changes much easier, High Intensity ECS units can be fitted with a hydraulic jacking system. To further assist clients during belt changes, the High Intensity ECS units have also been designed with hinged frames.

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Click here for a printable (PDF) overview of the available Eddy Current Separators.


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