Optional extras

Ferrous materials can sometimes get caught between the rotor and the belt, causing substantial damage to the rotor cover. The key to avoiding this type of damage is to remove the fine ferrous particles, which may be present in the product stream.

KW Supply Magneetsystemen can supply complete ‘turn key’ plants to meet specific customer requirements. The plants can include in-feed conveyors, diverter chutes and additional magnetic separation equipment such as Overband Separators.

KW Supply Magneetsystemen is able to provide supports to ground level should they be required. Custom designed walkways can also be provided for around the ECS unit to allow for greater access to the machine and its components.

Rotary or static cleaning brushes can be installed to remove material, which may get stuck to the Eddy Current Separators’ conveyor. KW Supply Magneetsystemen would advise customers to have this option if their product is particularly wet.


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