Hydro Magnet

The Hydro magnet is a development that came about because of the need of many demolition companies for a mobile magnetic installation that, by means of a quick-change system, can be coupled directly to any hydraulic machine and/or crane.

The Hydro magnet is designed such that a magnet can be mounted on the unit with a triple chain. Not all the impacts in the magnet are passed on to the Hydro magnet at the same time, unlike systems sold on the market where magnet and electronics form a single unit (resulting in damage and downtime).

For the connection the existing hydraulic pressure-discharge-oil leak connections on the jib of the machine are used. The machine also has a 24 volt connection. The magnet is switched on/off wirelessly from the cabin.

The compact design gives the big advantage that both the magnet and the Hydro magnet can be transported on a trailer behind a car.

This development was carried out in close cooperation with Verachtert Nederland.


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