Plate Lifting Magnets

KW Supply Magneetsystemen designs, builds and installs magnet systems for lifting single or multiple steel plates.

In order to work safely the plates are lifted with 60% of the capacity of the magnet. Immediately after this the magnet switches to 100% of its capacity, so a load is never lifted at the operating limit of the magnet’s lifting capacity.

The magnet installations are also designed with an emergency power supply, which in case of a power cut or mains failure can hold the load for approx. 30 minutes and gives an emergency signal by a flashing light and siren.

Electromagnets have a great deep action of the magnetic field, so several plates can be lifted at the same time.

These magnets are insensitive to weld ribs, rust and uneven plates.
This is unlike permanent and electro permanent magnets, which are contact magnets. These magnets immediately lose 50% of their lifting capacity if there is the least unevenness on the plate. In case of an electrical fault in these electro permanent magnets the magnet can no longer be switched off, with all the associated consequences.


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