Scrap handling magnets from 900 to 3000 mm diameter

Magnets made by KW Supply Magneetsystemen are based on the latest technological innovations in the field of magnetism.

The coils have more than 90% fill factor and are anodized and cast into a flexible silicon electro casting resin which is flexible and ensures good heat dissipation and protects the coil from severe impacts that the magnet undergoes during use. This special casting resin also ensures that the coil can expand without damage in case of heat build-up.

This technology ensures better coil heat dissipation to the metal housing and can therefore constantly ensure the optimum magnetic force.

The cast steel housing of the magnet is made of wear-resistant and very strong cast steel type GS45

KW Supply Magneetsystemen also designs and builds Drop Ball magnets for drop ball use, these magnets are very strong and fitted with reinforced bottom plates.

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