Small Magnets

In addition to magnet installations / magnets KW Supply Magneetsystemen also sells conical, hand and pendulum magnets.

These small magnets are used for various purposes. For example pendulum and conical magnets, on a chain, are easily secured to a trouser belt to then be used on a site to distinguish between non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

Pot magnets, also called hand magnets, are used to carry out tests by hand.

Sorting magnets are used to check cartons for magnetic material.

These small magnets also make a very nice business gift.

You can view our wide range of all conical, hand and pendulum magnets in the online brochure.

In addition KW Supply Magneetsystemen offers the option to have these magnets engraved, for example with a company name. A number of magnets are available with a leather storage case, which you can for example have laser printed with your company logo.

Should you have any questions about these magnets you can contact Lianne Krebs.


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