Eurodemolition in Beverwijk / the Netherlands, is a dynamic and fast growing company with both national and international projects.

Eurodemolition has an impressive range of cranes which are used in various projects, both onshore as well as offshore.

K.W. Supply designed an underwater magnet for Eurodemolition for hoisting loads at great depths.

For example when offloading steel from sunken ships. It involves steel plates, coils, slabs and steel profiles.

The magnet is also perfectly applicable for hoisting scrap or parts of the ship.

The supplied magnet has:

  • a diameter of 2200 mm
  • it weighs 7000 kg
  • and has a breaking strength of approximately 90 ton.

The magnet will be used in combination with a Liebherr HS 895.

K.W. Supply also supplied a 33 kW hydraulically driven magnet installation for this crane. This is equipped with a boost and adjustable demagnetization.

K.W. Supply has much experience in magnets for applications underwater with large lifting capacity. Up to 200 ton breaking strength.


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The Netherlands

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