One of the largest harbour companies from Rotterdam was awarded the project for loading and offloading approximately 5 million tons of slabs and plates per year from seagoing vessels.

In such an operation, with 24 hour input, you need the best people and the best material. This internationally operating Rotterdam Company already has such people.

But to obtain special magnets was not a simple task.

The magnets with accompanying magnet control installation had to meet the highest requirements. Lifting capacity, reliability, as well as working-speed was extensively dealt with.

After extensive research of international suppliers, it was decided on electro-magnets. These are capable of lifting multiple plates per lift.

The combination with a special magnet control installation ensures the greatest safety andreliability.

The so-called "electric permanent magnets" offers a theoretic (apparent) safety. You really should not use this in an international harbour such as Rotterdam.

K.W. Supply has much experience in designing and building/installing large heavy purpose magnets for use with steel factories and trans-shipment companies.

Because of this, K.W. Supply has established a good name world-wide.
This did not pass by unnoticed in the Rotterdam harbour either.


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The Netherlands

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