Suikerunie Dinteloord recently built a large new beet reception facility for faster unloading the truck, s.
The beets are placed in a large bunker after the beets on a large conveyor belt to the factory for further processing.
Because there regularly whats what iron is between the supplied beets and inflicts serious damage to the processing machines, the Suikerunie KW Supply Magnet System Scary Consult Graduated to find a solution here.
This has resulted in the supply and installation of a separator magnet of 2000 x 1200 mm, which extracts the metal parts between the beets when they pass by on the conveyor belt under the magnet.
The magnet is suspended from a crane runway and can be laterally held to resolve the matter in a scrap with the changing of the work crew. The runways and installation is completely maintained by:


K.W. Supply Magneetsystemen B.V. Ophemertstraat 11
3089JD Rotterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0)10 - 429 13 80

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