Verbrugge Terminals BV is a large harbour trans-shipment company with warehouse and logistic services in Vlissingen.

It is possible to handle all kinds of different shipments because of the available expertise and the modern and efficient equipment. This includes many steel plates and profiles.

On site at the Westerschelde, Verbrugge required a system to clear the extensive modern harbour area of nails, wire, steel strips etc.

This was necessary to reduce the number of flat tires on trucks and forklifts.

K.W. Supply developed a diesel driven magnet installation for this purpose, which fits on the loading prongs of every forklift.

This is used to sweep the harbour grounds clean of iron parts. This is an enormous cost saving on tires and therefore down time of the equipment.

 During commissioning it was already quickly clear that the installation supplied by K.W.Supply could be used a lot more effectively!


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