Type ‘R’ Eddy Current Separator

Many ECS applications involve high throughput rates that can only be handled by the large High intensity units due to their belt widths.

If however, applications do not require the separation capabilities of the larger and higher specification units, then purchasing a machine of this type for its belt width alone, would not be cost effective.

To eliminate this problem, KW Supply has designed the ECS ‘R’ Type.

The new ‘R’ Type fits into the KW Supply ECS range between the Can Sorter and the High Intensity ECS units, incorporating features of both machines.

Specific features of the ‘R’ Type ECS include:

High throughput
The ‘R’ Type has a rotor diameter of 190mm and can be manufactured to fit belt widths of up to 1250mm.
Variable rotor control The ‘R’ Type ECS has variable rotor controls to allow customers to set the rotor at the correct speed needed to meet their specific separation requirements.
12 pole rotor A 12 pole rotor is used on the ECS ‘R’ Type. The 12-pole rotor is capable of achieving a better separation than the 6 pole rotor used on the Can Sorter.

Other models and options are:

Click here for a printable (PDF) overview of the available Eddy Current Separators.


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