The Can Sorter

The Can Sorter is specifically designed for the separation of non-ferrous beverage cans from dry recyclable applications.

The Can Sorter ECS is a low-cost alternative to larger Eddy Current units when applications do not require higher specification machines.

Other models and options:

Click here for a printable (PDF) overview of the available Eddy Current Separators.

Technical features that are specific to the KW Supply Can Sorter units are:

Simplistic and cost effective design - The Can Sorter has a 122mm diameter, 6-pole rotor and is available with an effective width of up to 600mm. The Can Sorter was designed to be a more compact and simplistic unit than the larger machines in the range, whilst still providing efficient separation of aluminium cans.

Pre-set belt and rotor Speeds - The belt and rotor speeds, which are usually variable on standard ECS units, are pre-set on the Can Sorter models to give optimum can separation.


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